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Wilting RoseAn Ode To Rudeness
Wilting RoseCan't Argue
Wilting RoseDon't
Wilting RoseJust Like Before
Wilting RoseLeft Here
Wilting RoseMy Cage
Wilting RoseSomeday
Wilting RoseThe Light
Wilting RoseTo My Lamp Post
Wilting RoseWedge
Wilting RoseAn Ode To Friendship
Wilting RoseFor A Love That Will Echo Through The Ages
Wilting RoseFor Claire
Wilting RoseHistory
Wilting RoseHow Can You Make Me
Wilting RoseI Miss You (It's true)
Wilting RoseIn Robes Of Golden Sunlight
Wilting RoseRolling
Wilting RoseShe Dies Inside
Wilting RoseSuicide
Wilting RoseThis Charade
Wilting RoseWe
Wilting RoseWithout You
Wilting RoseYou Don't Know Me
Wilting RoseEverything In You
Wilting RoseI Have Been Loved
Wilting RoseIn My Place
Wilting RoseYou