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Warrior SoulAss-Kickin'
Warrior SoulBlown
Warrior SoulBlown Away
Warrior SoulCargos Of Doom
Warrior SoulCharlie 's Out Of Prison
Warrior SoulCharlie's Out Of Prison
Warrior SoulDimension
Warrior SoulDowntown
Warrior SoulDrugs, God And The New Republic
Warrior SoulFour More Years
Warrior SoulGeneration Graveyard
Warrior SoulGhetto Nation
Warrior SoulHa Ha Ha
Warrior SoulHero
Warrior SoulHigh Road
Warrior SoulI See The Ruins
Warrior SoulI Wanna Get Some
Warrior SoulIn Conclusion
Warrior SoulInterzone
Warrior SoulIntro
Warrior SoulIntro (Live)
Warrior SoulJump For Joy
Warrior SoulLet Me Go
Warrior SoulLook At You
Warrior SoulLove Destruction
Warrior SoulLullaby
Warrior SoulMan Must Live As One
Warrior SoulMy Time
Warrior SoulNo No No
Warrior SoulReal Thing
Warrior SoulRocket 88
Warrior SoulRocket Engines
Warrior SoulRotten Soul
Warrior SoulShine Like It
Warrior SoulShock Um Down (Live)
Warrior SoulSong In Your Mind
Warrior SoulSuperpower Dreamland
Warrior SoulTelevision
Warrior SoulThe Answer
Warrior SoulThe Drug
Warrior SoulThe Fallen
Warrior SoulThe Golden Shore
Warrior SoulThe Image
Warrior SoulThe Losers
Warrior SoulThe Party
Warrior SoulThe Pretty Faces
Warrior SoulThe Wasteland
Warrior SoulTrip Rider
Warrior SoulTrippin ' On Ecstasy
Warrior SoulTrippin' On Ecstacy
Warrior SoulTrippin' On Ecstasy
Warrior SoulWe Cry Out