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Phil CollinsA Groovy Kind Of Love
Phil CollinsAgainst All Odds
Phil CollinsAll Of My Life
Phil CollinsAnother Day In Paradise
Phil CollinsBehind The Lines
Phil CollinsBoth Sides Of The Story
Phil CollinsCant Stop Loving You
Phil CollinsColours
Phil CollinsCome With Me
Phil CollinsDance Into The Light
Phil CollinsDo You Know, Do You Care
Phil CollinsEasy Lover
Phil CollinsEveryday
Phil CollinsFather To Son
Phil CollinsFind A Way To My Heart
Phil CollinsHang In Long Enough
Phil CollinsHeat On The Street
Phil CollinsI Missed Again
Phil CollinsI Wish It Would Rain Down
Phil CollinsIf Leaving Me Is Easy
Phil CollinsIn The Air Tonight
Phil CollinsInside Out
Phil CollinsJust Another Story
Phil CollinsLike China
Phil CollinsLong Long Way To Go
Phil CollinsLove Police
Phil CollinsNo Matter Who
Phil CollinsOne More Night
Phil CollinsOnly You Know And I Know
Phil CollinsOughta Know By Now
Phil CollinsPlease Come Out Tonight
Phil CollinsRiver So Wide
Phil CollinsSeparate Lives
Phil CollinsSomething Happened On The Way To Heaven
Phil CollinsSurvivors
Phil CollinsSussudio
Phil CollinsTake a Look at Me Now
Phil CollinsTake Me Down
Phil CollinsTake Me Home
Phil CollinsThe Roof Is Leaking
Phil CollinsThe Same Moon
Phil CollinsThis Must Be Love
Phil CollinsThru These Walls
Phil CollinsThunder And Lightening
Phil CollinsTomorrow Never Knows
Phil CollinsTrue Colors
Phil CollinsTwo Hearts
Phil CollinsTwo Worlds
Phil CollinsWe Fly So Close
Phil CollinsWe Said Hello Goodbye
Phil CollinsWe Wait And We Wonder
Phil CollinsWear My Hat
Phil CollinsWho Said I Would
Phil CollinsYou Know What I Mean
Phil CollinsAgainst All Odds (Take A Look At Me Now)
Phil CollinsDo You Remember
Phil CollinsDon't Lose My Number
Phil CollinsGroovy Kind Of Love
Phil CollinsI Don't Care Anymore
Phil CollinsYou Can't Hurry Love
Phil CollinsCan't Find My Way
Phil CollinsCan't Turn Back The Years
Phil CollinsI've Forgotten Everything
Phil CollinsThere's A Place For Us
Phil CollinsWe're Sons Of Our Fathers
Phil CollinsDo You Remember?
Phil CollinsThat's Just The Way It Is
Phil CollinsIt's In Your Eyes
Phil CollinsLorenzo
Phil CollinsThat's What You Said
Phil CollinsThe Times They Are A-Changin'
Phil CollinsI'm Not Moving
Phil CollinsThunder And Lightning
Phil CollinsTommorrow Never Knows
Phil CollinsDo You Know, Do You Care?
Phil CollinsDon't Let Him Steal Your Heart Away
Phil CollinsI Cannot Believe It's True
Phil CollinsIt Don't Matter To Me
Phil CollinsWhy Can't It Wait 'Till Morning
Phil CollinsSeperate Lives
Phil CollinsDoesn't Anybody Stay Together Anymore
Phil CollinsI Don't Wanna Know
Phil CollinsSon of Man
Phil CollinsStrangers Like Me
Phil CollinsTwo Worlds Finale
Phil CollinsTwo Worlds Reprise
Phil CollinsYou'll Be In My Heart
Phil CollinsYou'll Be In My Heart (Full Version)
Phil CollinsCan't Stop Loving You
Phil CollinsThe Least You Can Do
Phil CollinsThrough My Eyes
Phil CollinsWake Up Call
Phil CollinsTestify
Phil CollinsDon 't Get Me Started
Phil CollinsSwing Low
Phil CollinsIt 's Not Too Late
Phil CollinsThis Love, This Heart
Phil CollinsDriving Me Crazy
Phil CollinsThru My Eyes
Phil CollinsYou Touch My Heart
Phil CollinsDon 't Let Him Steel Your Heart Away
Phil CollinsBig Noise
Phil CollinsFor A Friend
Phil CollinsHero
Phil CollinsI Don 't Want To Go
Phil CollinsI Like The Way
Phil CollinsIt 's Over (Home Demo)
Phil CollinsTake Me With You
Phil CollinsThat 's How I Feel
Phil CollinsThe Man With The Horn
Phil CollinsYou 've Been In Love (That Little Bit Too Long)
Phil CollinsHang In Love Enough
Phil CollinsYou 've Been In Love
Phil CollinsNo Son Of Mine
Phil CollinsInvisible Touch
Phil CollinsStranger Like Me
Phil CollinsDon't Loose My Number
Phil CollinsAgains All Odds (Take A Look At Me Now)
Phil CollinsThat's All