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Peter CeteraForever Tonight
Peter CeteraLivin' In The Limelight
Peter CeteraNo Explanation
Peter CeteraOne Good Woman
Peter CeteraGlory Of Love
Peter Cetera(I Wanna Take) Forever Tonight
Peter CeteraAnd I Think Of You
Peter CeteraApple Of Your Daddy's Eye
Peter CeteraFaithfully
Peter CeteraHappy Man
Peter CeteraOne Clear Voice
Peter CeteraS.O.S.
Peter CeteraStill Getting Over You
Peter CeteraThe End Of Camelot
Peter CeteraThe Lucky Ones
Peter CeteraWanna Be There
Peter CeteraBest Of Times
Peter CeteraBody Language (There In The Dark)
Peter CeteraHeaven Help This Lonely Man
Peter CeteraHolding Out
Peter CeteraOne More Story
Peter CeteraPeace Of Mind
Peter CeteraSave Me
Peter CeteraScheherazade
Peter CeteraYou Never Listen To Me
Peter CeteraEvil Eye
Peter CeteraHoly Moly
Peter CeteraHow Many Times
Peter CeteraI Can Feel It
Peter CeteraIvy Covered Walls
Peter CeteraMona Mona
Peter CeteraNot Afraid To Cry
Peter CeteraOn The Line
Peter CeteraPractical Man
Peter CeteraBig Mistake
Peter CeteraDaddy's Girl
Peter CeteraOnly Love Knows Why
Peter CeteraQueen Of The Masquerade Ball
Peter CeteraSolitude/Solitaire
Peter CeteraThe Next Time I Fall
Peter CeteraThey Don't Make 'Em Like They Used To
Peter CeteraWake Up To Love
Peter CeteraDip Your Wings
Peter CeteraEven A Fool Can See
Peter CeteraFeels Like Heaven
Peter CeteraHave You Ever Been In Love?
Peter CeteraMan In Me
Peter CeteraRestless Heart
Peter CeteraThe Last Place God Made
Peter CeteraWhen There's No Tomorrow
Peter CeteraWild Ways
Peter CeteraWorld Falling Down
Peter CeteraAfter All
Peter CeteraBaby What A Big Surprise
Peter CeteraDo You Love Me That Much
Peter CeteraI Wasn't The One (Who Said Goodbye)
Peter CeteraIf You Leave Me Now
Peter CeteraNext Time I Fall
Peter CeteraShe Doesn't Need Me Anymore
Peter CeteraYou're The Inspiration
Peter CeteraHave You Ever Been In Love
Peter CeteraI Wasn't The One (Who Say Goodbye)
Peter CeteraLivin In The Limelight
Peter CeteraOnly Heavens Know
Peter CeteraRule The World
Peter CeteraYou Are The Inspiration