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Peggy SeegerButchers Boy
Peggy SeegerChild Waters
Peggy SeegerChylde Owlet
Peggy SeegerCome Fill Up Your Glasses
Peggy SeegerFair Rosamund Clifford
Peggy SeegerGrey Cock
Peggy SeegerHousewife's Alphabet
Peggy SeegerI'm Gonna Be An Engineer
Peggy SeegerJellon Graeme
Peggy SeegerJohn Gilbert Is The Boat
Peggy SeegerMiss Heroin
Peggy SeegerMoving On Song
Peggy SeegerOld Crumley
Peggy SeegerOld Friend
Peggy SeegerReclaim The Night
Peggy SeegerSpringhill Mine Disaster
Peggy SeegerSuffolk Miracle
Peggy SeegerToo Much Of A Good Thing
Peggy SeegerWinnie And Sam
Peggy SeegerYoung Peggy