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Paul KantnerA Child Is Coming
Paul KantnerAcross The Board
Paul KantnerBallad Of The Chrome Nun
Paul KantnerChina
Paul KantnerCome To Life
Paul KantnerDark Ages
Paul KantnerDiana
Paul KantnerDiana 2
Paul KantnerEarth Mother
Paul KantnerFat
Paul KantnerFishman
Paul KantnerFlowers Of The Night
Paul KantnerHarp Tree Lament
Paul KantnerHave You Seen The Stars Tonight?
Paul KantnerHijack
Paul KantnerHolding Together
Paul KantnerLet's Go Together
Paul KantnerLook At The Wood
Paul KantnerMau Mau
Paul KantnerMau Mau (Amerikon)
Paul KantnerMillion
Paul KantnerSilver Spoon
Paul KantnerSketches Of China
Paul KantnerStarship
Paul KantnerSunfighter
Paul KantnerSunrise
Paul KantnerThe Baby Tree
Paul KantnerUniversal Copernican Mumbles
Paul KantnerWalkin'
Paul KantnerWhen I Was A Boy I Watched The Wolves
Paul KantnerWhite Boy
Paul KantnerYour Mind Has Left Your Body