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Patrik Fitzgerald(a Love Song For Punk Music)
Patrik Fitzgerald(dance Music)
Patrik Fitzgerald(for Someone I Used To Live With)
Patrik Fitzgerald(ready To Shake The Scheme Of Things?)
Patrik Fitzgerald(white Boy Reggae)
Patrik FitzgeraldA Life Sentence
Patrik FitzgeraldAnimal Mentality
Patrik FitzgeraldBackstree Boys
Patrik FitzgeraldBackstreet Boys
Patrik FitzgeraldDomestication
Patrik FitzgeraldDown
Patrik FitzgeraldDown Mexico Way
Patrik FitzgeraldExist
Patrik FitzgeraldFactory Of Wines
Patrik FitzgeraldFamily Outing
Patrik FitzgeraldGifts And Telegrams
Patrik FitzgeraldIn This World
Patrik FitzgeraldIsland Of Lost Souls
Patrik FitzgeraldMrs & Mrs
Patrik FitzgeraldMy Perfect World
Patrik FitzgeraldMystery
Patrik FitzgeraldOne Little Soldier
Patrik FitzgeraldPatrik Fitzgerald - Drifting Towards Violence
Patrik FitzgeraldPersonal Loss
Patrik FitzgeraldPilot Of A Private Yacht
Patrik FitzgeraldPoor John
Patrik FitzgeraldPunch
Patrik FitzgeraldPutting Wings On Aeroplanes
Patrik FitzgeraldScattered Villages
Patrik FitzgeraldSmile
Patrik FitzgeraldSolve
Patrik FitzgeraldSuperbeing
Patrik FitzgeraldThe Finger Of Lesotho
Patrik FitzgeraldTunisian Twist
Patrik FitzgeraldWaiting For The Final Cue
Patrik FitzgeraldWe Seemed So Suited
Patrik FitzgeraldWorking Hu-man's Casino
Patrik FitzgeraldWorld Is Getting Better