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Patent Pending67 Dollars And No Sense
Patent PendingBad News Bear
Patent PendingCheer Up Emo Kid
Patent PendingDecemberween
Patent PendingDecemberween (Live Acoustic)
Patent PendingDemo For Dayna
Patent PendingDonkey
Patent PendingDying In Mt. Sinai
Patent PendingFatty Macgee's Saxophone Adventures
Patent PendingFatty Macgees Saxophone Adventures
Patent PendingIt's All On Me
Patent PendingLevittown Is For Lovers
Patent PendingLights Out In Mississippi
Patent PendingLights Out In Mississippi (Alternate Version)
Patent PendingLos Angeles
Patent PendingOld And Out Of Tune
Patent PendingOne Less Heart To Break
Patent PendingParting Gifts
Patent PendingParting Girts
Patent PendingRed Martians
Patent PendingRed Martians Redux
Patent PendingSamantha The Great
Patent PendingShe's A Ho, Ho, Ho, Merry Christmas
Patent PendingSleep Well My Angel
Patent PendingSnake Eyes
Patent PendingSong Number Six
Patent PendingSushi James
Patent PendingThe Hoe Down
Patent PendingThe Hoe-Down
Patent PendingThe June Spirit
Patent PendingThe L-Town Shakedown
Patent PendingThe Safety Of Sleeping In
Patent PendingThe Website Is Under Construction
Patent PendingThis Can't Happen Again
Patent PendingThis Can't Happen Again (Instrumental Version)
Patent PendingTipperary
Patent PendingYellow Snow