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Pat Boone(Welcome) New Lovers
Pat BooneA Wonderful Time Up There
Pat BooneAin't That A Shame
Pat BooneAint That A Shame
Pat BooneAnastasia
Pat BooneApril Love
Pat BooneAt My Front Door
Pat BooneAt My Front Door (Crazy Little Mama)
Pat BooneBeach Girl
Pat BooneBernadine
Pat BooneBeyond The Sunset
Pat BooneBig Cold Wind
Pat BooneBlue Christmas
Pat BooneChains Of Love
Pat BooneCherie, I Love You
Pat BooneDear John
Pat BooneDelia Gone
Pat BooneDon't Forbid Me
Pat BooneDont Forbid Me
Pat BooneExodus
Pat BooneFool's Hall Of Fame
Pat BooneFools Hall Of Fame
Pat BooneFor A Penny
Pat BooneFor My Good Fortune
Pat BooneFriendly Persauasion (Thee I Love)
Pat BooneFriendly Persuasion (thee I Love)
Pat BooneGee But Its Lonely
Pat BooneGee, But It's Lonely
Pat BooneHe
Pat BooneI Almost Lost My Mind
Pat BooneI'll Be Home
Pat BooneI'll Remember Tonight
Pat BooneI'll See You In My Dreams
Pat BooneI'm In Love With You
Pat BooneIf Dreams Came True
Pat BooneIll Be Home
Pat BooneIll Remember Tonight
Pat BooneIll See You In My Dreams
Pat BooneIt's Too Soon To Know
Pat BooneIts Too Soon To Know
Pat BooneJambalaya
Pat BooneJohnny Will
Pat BooneJust As Long As I'm With You
Pat BooneLong Tall Sally
Pat BooneLove Letters In The Sand
Pat BooneMoody River
Pat BooneMr. Blue
Pat BooneNearer My God To Thee
Pat BooneQuando, Quando, Quando (Tell Me When)
Pat BooneRemember You're Mine
Pat BooneRemember Youre Mine
Pat BooneSpeedy Gonzales
Pat BooneSugar Moon
Pat BooneTen Lonely Guys
Pat BooneThe Exodus Song
Pat BooneThere's A Gold Mine In The Sky
Pat BooneThere's A Moon Out Tonight
Pat BooneTheres A Moon Out Tonight
Pat BooneTutti Frutti
Pat BooneTwixt Twelve And Twenty
Pat BooneTwo Hearts
Pat BooneWalking The Floor Over You
Pat BooneWang Dang Taffy-apple Tango (Mambo Cha Cha Cha)
Pat BooneWelcome New Lovers
Pat BooneWhy Baby Why
Pat BooneWill The Circle Be Unbroken
Pat BooneWish You Were Here, Buddy
Pat BooneWith The Wind And The Rain In Your Hair
Pat BooneWonderful Time Up There