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HumanifestoA Home If Nuts
HumanifestoA Menu Of Shit
HumanifestoArtificial Need
HumanifestoAtheism Of UN
HumanifestoBig Man
HumanifestoBreak Free
HumanifestoBullshit Theories
HumanifestoCorporate Sing-Along
HumanifestoDeath By Exposure
HumanifestoHim + A Fetus = No
HumanifestoI'm Feeling Sick
HumanifestoMake It Stop
HumanifestoMichael Moron
HumanifestoMy Name's Mud
HumanifestoNever Watch TV
HumanifestoNews From The Front
HumanifestoOh! Meat Is Fun
HumanifestoOn The Streets
HumanifestoPhil Campeau Vs M.A.C.
HumanifestoProletarian Song
HumanifestoReaganomics Suck
HumanifestoSafe In Mouth
HumanifestoSo I Hunt Fame
HumanifestoSome Thai Fun
HumanifestoSouth Famine
HumanifestoStand Up For Your Beliefs
HumanifestoStop Outsourcing My Job
HumanifestoStupid Humans
HumanifestoSuper Flu
HumanifestoTrading With The Enemy
HumanifestoUnsafe To Him
HumanifestoWhat An Inspiration
HumanifestoYesterday's Headlines