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Huey LewisBack in Time
Huey LewisThe power of love
Huey Lewis100 Years From Now
Huey LewisBad Is Bad
Huey LewisDo You Believe In Love
Huey LewisDoing It All For My Baby
Huey LewisFinally Found A Home
Huey LewisForest For The Trees
Huey LewisHeart And Soul
Huey LewisHonky Tonk Blues
Huey LewisI Never Walk Alone
Huey LewisI Want A New Drug
Huey LewisIf This Is It
Huey LewisIt 's Alright
Huey LewisJacob 's Ladder
Huey LewisNaturally
Huey LewisPerfect World
Huey LewisPower Of Love
Huey LewisSimple As That
Huey LewisSo Little Kindness
Huey LewisStuck With You
Huey LewisTrouble In Paradise
Huey LewisUntil The Day After
Huey LewisWhen The Time Has Come
Huey LewisWorkin ' For A Livin '
Huey LewisYou Crack Me Up
Huey LewisCruisin'
Huey LewisFeeling Alright
Huey LewisHappy To Be Stuck With You
Huey LewisLonely Teardrops
Huey LewisOnce Upon A Time In New York City
Huey LewisWalking On A Thin Line