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HighlordAll I Want
HighlordAtlantis Part Ii: "the Dreamer And The Deep Ocean"
HighlordBack From Hell
HighlordBloodwar In Heaven
HighlordBreath Of Eternity
HighlordBurning Desire
HighlordDancing With Destiny
HighlordDon 't Kill Me Again
HighlordDon't Kill Me Again
HighlordDream Chaser
HighlordFar From The Light Of God
HighlordFollow Me
HighlordFrozen Heaven
HighlordLand Of Eternal Ice
HighlordLe Rouge Et Le Noir
HighlordLe Rouge Et Le Noir (I'm My Worst Enemy)
HighlordMedusa's Coil
HighlordMoonlight Romance
HighlordPegasus Fantasy (Bonus)
HighlordPerpetual Fury
HighlordPhoenix's Fire
HighlordSand In The Wind
HighlordScarlet Tears
HighlordShow Me Your Kingdom
HighlordStone Shaped Minds
HighlordStream Of Illusion
HighlordTears Of Darkness
HighlordThe Eclipse
HighlordThe Hand Of God
HighlordThrough The Wind
HighlordWe Are Gods
HighlordWhere My Hero Lies
HighlordWill Of A King
HighlordYou'll Never Be Lonely
HighlordYour Story Too