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ExtremeAm I Ever Gonna Change
ExtremeBetter Off Dead
ExtremeBig Boys Don't Cry
ExtremeBig Boys Dont Cry
ExtremeColor Me Blind
ExtremeCupid's Dead
ExtremeCynical Fuck
ExtremeDecadence Dance
ExtremeDon't Leave Me Alone
ExtremeFair Weather Faith
ExtremeFlesh 'n Blood
ExtremeFlesh 'N' Blood
ExtremeGet The Funk Out
ExtremeGod Isn't Dead
ExtremeHe Man Woman Hater
ExtremeHip Today
ExtremeHole Hearted
ExtremeIt 's A Monster
ExtremeIt ('s A Monster)
ExtremeKid Ego
ExtremeLeave Me Alone
ExtremeLi 'l Jack Horny
ExtremeLil' Jack Horny
ExtremeLittle Girls
ExtremeLove Of My Life
ExtremeMidnight Express
ExtremeMoney (In God We Trust)
ExtremeMore Than Words
ExtremeMutha (Don't Wanna Go To School Today)
ExtremeMutha (Don't Wanna Go To School Today)
ExtremeNever Been Funked
ExtremeNice Place To Visit
ExtremeNo Respect
ExtremeOur Father
ExtremePart I Rise 'n Shine
ExtremePart Ii Am I Ever Gonna Change
ExtremePart Iii Who Cares
ExtremePeacemaker Die
ExtremePlay With Me
ExtremeRest In Peace
ExtremeRise 'N Shine
ExtremeRock A Bye Bye
ExtremeSeven Sundays
ExtremeShadow Boxing
ExtremeSmoke Signals
ExtremeSong For Love
ExtremeStop the World
ExtremeSuzi (Wants Her All Day What?)
ExtremeTeacher's Pet
ExtremeTell Me Something I Don't Know
ExtremeThere Is No God
ExtremeTragic Comic
ExtremeWaiting For The Punchline
ExtremeWatching Waiting
ExtremeWatching, Waiting
ExtremeWhen I First Kissed You
ExtremeWhen I'm President
ExtremeWhen Will It Rain
ExtremeWhere Are You Going
ExtremeWho Cares?
ExtremeWind Me Up