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Exploited15 Years
ExploitedAbout To Die
ExploitedAdding To Their Fears
ExploitedAffected By Them
ExploitedAnother Day To Go Nowhere
ExploitedAnti UK
ExploitedArmy Life
ExploitedArmy Style
ExploitedBarry Prossit
ExploitedBeat The Bastards
ExploitedBlown Out Of The Sky
ExploitedBoys In Blue
ExploitedComputer 's Don 't Blunder
ExploitedDangerous Visions
ExploitedDead Cities
ExploitedDeath Before Dishonour
ExploitedDog Soldier
ExploitedDon 'T Blame Me
ExploitedDon 't Forget The Chaos
ExploitedDon 't Pay The Poll Tax
ExploitedDon 't Really Care
ExploitedDon't Pay The Poll Tax
ExploitedDown Below
ExploitedDrive Me Insane
ExploitedDrug Squad Man
ExploitedExploited Barmy Army
ExploitedExploited Barny Army
ExploitedEyes Of The Vulture
ExploitedFalse Hopes
ExploitedFight Back
ExploitedForty Odd Years Ago
ExploitedFuck A Mod
ExploitedFuck Religion
ExploitedFuck The U.S.A.
ExploitedGod Save The Queen
ExploitedGod Saved The Queen
ExploitedHitler 's In The Charts Again
ExploitedHorror Epics
ExploitedI Hate You
ExploitedI Never Changed
ExploitedIf You 're Sad
ExploitedJesus Is Dead
ExploitedLaw And Order
ExploitedLaw For The Rich
ExploitedLet's Start A War
ExploitedLets Start A War
ExploitedMassacre Of Innocents
ExploitedMy Life
ExploitedNo Forgiveness
ExploitedNo More Idols
ExploitedNow I 'm Dead
ExploitedPolice Informer
ExploitedPolice Shit
ExploitedPolice TV
ExploitedPorno Slut
ExploitedPower Struggle
ExploitedPrivacy Invasion
ExploitedPulling You Down
ExploitedPunk 's Not Dead
ExploitedPunk's Not Dead
ExploitedRival Leaders
ExploitedSafe Below
ExploitedScaling The Derry Wall
ExploitedSea Of Blood
ExploitedSerial Killer
ExploitedSex & Violence
ExploitedSex And Violence
ExploitedShould We, Can 't We
ExploitedSick Bastard
ExploitedSick Bastards
ExploitedSid Vicious Was Innocent
ExploitedStop The Slaughter
ExploitedSystem Fucked Up
ExploitedThe Massacre
ExploitedThe Systems Fucked Up
ExploitedThey Lie
ExploitedTreat You Like Shit
ExploitedTroops Of Tomorrow