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Exciter(I Hate) School Rules
ExciterAnger, Hate And Destruction
ExciterAssassins In Rage
ExciterBack In The Light
ExciterBeyond The Gates Of Doom
ExciterBlood Of Tyrants
ExciterBorn To Die
ExciterBorn To Kill
ExciterBreak Down The Walls
ExciterBreakdown The Walls
ExciterBrutal Warning
ExciterBurn At The Stake
ExciterCold Blooded Murder
ExciterDelivering To The Master
ExciterDie In The Night
ExciterDog Eat Dog
ExciterDying To Live
ExciterEnemy Lines
ExciterEvil Sinner
ExciterEyes In The Sky
ExciterFeel The Knife
ExciterI Am The Beast
ExciterI Wanna Be King
ExciterInvasion - Waiting In The Dark
ExciterInvasionwaiting In The Dark
ExciterLet Us Prey
ExciterLive Fast Die Young
ExciterLive Fast, Die Young
ExciterLiving Evil
ExciterLong Live The Loud
ExciterMartial Law
ExciterMetal Crusaders
ExciterMission Destroy
ExciterNo Life No Future
ExciterPlayin ' With Fire
ExciterPlayin' With Fire
ExciterPounding Metal
ExciterRain Of Terror
ExciterReady To Rock
ExciterRule With An Iron Fist
ExciterSacred War
ExciterSaxons Of The Fire
ExciterScream Bloody Murder
ExciterScream In The Night
ExciterScreams From The Gallows
ExciterShadow Of The Cross
ExciterShout It Out
ExciterSmashin 'em Down
ExciterSmashin 'em Down
ExciterSudden Impact
ExciterSuicide Overdose
ExciterSword Of Darkness
ExciterSwords Of Darkness
ExciterThe Dark Command
ExciterThe Second Coming
ExciterVictims Of Sacrifice
ExciterViolence & Force
ExciterViolence And Force
ExciterWake Up Screaming
ExciterWar Is Hell
ExciterWeapons Of Mass Destruction