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Eric BenetA Day In The Life
Eric BenetAll In The Game
Eric BenetChains
Eric BenetCome As You Are
Eric BenetDust In The Wind
Eric BenetFemininity
Eric BenetGeorgy Porgy
Eric BenetGhetto Girl
Eric BenetIf You Want Me To Stay
Eric BenetJust Friends
Eric BenetLamentation
Eric BenetLove Of My Own
Eric BenetLove The Hurt Away
Eric BenetLoving Your Best Friend
Eric BenetMore Than Just A Girlfriend
Eric BenetPoetry Girl
Eric BenetSomething Real
Eric BenetSpend My Life With You
Eric BenetSpiritual Thang
Eric BenetTrue To Myself
Eric BenetWhat If We Was Cool
Eric BenetWhen You Think Of Me
Eric BenetWhy You Follow Me
Eric BenetLove The Hurt Way
Eric BenetThats Just My Way
Eric BenetSpiritual Thing
Eric BenetI'll Be There
Eric BenetLet's Stay Together (Midnight Mix)
Eric BenetWhile You Were Here
Eric BenetLet's Stay Together
Eric BenetThat's Just My Way
Eric BenetLove Don't Love Me
Eric BenetBe Myself Again
Eric BenetChocolate Legs
Eric BenetChristmas
Eric BenetCracks Of My Broken Heart
Eric BenetDon't Let Go
Eric BenetEverlove
Eric BenetHunger
Eric BenetHurricane
Eric BenetI Wanna Be Loved
Eric BenetIf You Wante Me To Stay
Eric BenetLet's Stay Together (Midnight Mix )
Eric BenetLove Don't Love Me
Eric BenetLove, Patience, & Time
Eric BenetMaking Love
Eric BenetMan Enough To Cry
Eric BenetMy Prayer
Eric BenetOne More Tomorrow
Eric BenetPretty Baby
Eric BenetSpanish Fly
Eric BenetSpend My Life
Eric BenetStill With You
Eric BenetThe Last Time
Eric BenetYou're The Only One