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Emilie Autumn306
Emilie AutumnAcross The Sky
Emilie AutumnAll My 'Lovin
Emilie AutumnAt What Point Does A Shakespeare Say (Poem)
Emilie AutumnBest Safety Lies In Fear
Emilie AutumnBy The Sword
Emilie AutumnCastle Down
Emilie AutumnChambermaid
Emilie AutumnCrazy He Calls Me
Emilie AutumnDead Is The New Alive
Emilie AutumnDon't Blame Me
Emilie AutumnEver
Emilie AutumnFaces Like Mine
Emilie AutumnGhost (Poem)
Emilie AutumnGod Help Me
Emilie AutumnGothic Lolita
Emilie AutumnHeard It All
Emilie AutumnHollow Like My Soul
Emilie AutumnHow Strange
Emilie AutumnHow To Break A Heart (Poem)
Emilie AutumnI Don't Care Much
Emilie AutumnI Know It's Over
Emilie AutumnI Know Where You Sleep
Emilie AutumnI Want My Innocence Back
Emilie AutumnIf You Feel Better
Emilie AutumnIn The Lake
Emilie AutumnJuliet
Emilie AutumnLet It Die
Emilie AutumnLet The Record Show
Emilie AutumnLiar
Emilie AutumnMad Girl
Emilie AutumnMarry Me
Emilie AutumnMisery Loves Company
Emilie AutumnMiss Lucy Had Some Leeches
Emilie AutumnO Mistress Mine
Emilie AutumnOpheliac
Emilie AutumnPhotographic Memory
Emilie AutumnRapunzel
Emilie AutumnRemember
Emilie AutumnRose Red
Emilie AutumnSave You
Emilie AutumnSecond Hand Faith
Emilie AutumnShalott
Emilie AutumnSwallow
Emilie AutumnThank God I'm Pretty
Emilie AutumnThe Art Of Suicide
Emilie AutumnWhat If
Emilie AutumnWillow