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EmeryThe Ponytail Parades
EmeryDisguising Mistakes With Goodbyes
EmeryBy All Accounts (Today Was A Disaster)
EmeryThe Note From Which A Chord Is Built
EmeryUnder Serious Attack
EmeryAs Your Voice Fades
EmeryThe Secret
EmeryAfter The Devil Beats His Wife
EmeryAll I Want
EmeryAnne Marie
EmeryButcher's Mouth
EmeryCan't Stop The Killer
EmeryCurbside Goodbye
EmeryCutthroat Collapse
EmeryDeath To Inconvenience
EmeryDo The Things (You Want)
EmeryDon't Bore Us, Get To The Chorus
EmeryEdge Of The World
EmeryFrom Crib To Coffin
Emery(Ho Ho Hey) A Way For Santa's Sleigh
EmeryHolding Out For A Hero
EmeryIn A Lose, Lose Situation
EmeryListening To Freddie Mercury
EmeryNegative Nine
EmeryParty Song
EmeryPlaying With Fire
EmeryPonytail Parade
EmeryReturning The Smile You Have Had From The Start
EmerySay The Things (You Want)
EmerySo Cold I Could See My Breath
EmeryStory About A Man With A Bad Heart
EmeryStudying Politics
EmeryTen Talents
EmeryThe Movie Song
EmeryThe Terrible Secret
EmeryThe Weakest
EmeryThe Weak's End
EmeryTo Whom It May Concern
EmeryWhat Makes A Man A Man
EmeryWhile Broken Hearts Prevail
EmeryWorld Away
EmeryYou Think You're Nickel Slick (But I Got Your Penny Change)