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Dying WishAncient Lands
Dying WishBuried
Dying WishFaces Behind The Mirror
Dying WishFading
Dying WishForgotten Dead
Dying WishFragments Of The Past
Dying WishHaunted By Visions
Dying WishHiding In Me
Dying WishI Live In Mistery
Dying WishIn Your Hand
Dying WishIt Hurts Again
Dying WishLand Of Sorrow
Dying WishMechanical Life
Dying WishMist Of Void
Dying WishPilgrim
Dying WishRelase The Pain
Dying WishSchizophrenia
Dying WishShelter
Dying WishSigns From The Past
Dying WishSilent Horizon
Dying WishSlave To The Night
Dying WishSomewhere In The Deep
Dying WishStruggle Inside
Dying WishThanks For The Bullets
Dying WishThe Last Journey
Dying WishThe Last Reflection
Dying WishThe Mirror
Dying WishThe Night Embraces Me
Dying WishThe Night Embraces Me (New Version '99)
Dying WishThe Valley
Dying WishUnder The Dreams
Dying WishWanderer Of The Sky
Dying WishWants Me Back...
Dying WishWith Brush Of Madness
Dying WishYearning
Dying WishYears Fly