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Dream TheaterA Change of Seasons
Dream TheaterAnna Lee
Dream TheaterBlind faith
Dream TheaterDisappear
Dream TheaterFatal Tragedy
Dream TheaterFinally Free
Dream TheaterHollow years
Dream TheaterHome
Dream TheaterInnocence Faded
Dream TheaterMisunderstood
Dream TheaterOne Last Time
Dream TheaterRegression
Dream TheaterScarred
Dream TheaterSolitary Shell
Dream TheaterStrange Deja Vu
Dream TheaterThe Glass Prison
Dream TheaterThe great debate
Dream TheaterThe spirit carries on
Dream TheaterThrough Her Eyes
Dream TheaterA Fortune In Lies
Dream TheaterAfterlife
Dream TheaterAnother Day
Dream TheaterLearning To Live
Dream TheaterLight Fuse And Get Away
Dream TheaterOnly A Matter Of Time
Dream TheaterPull Me Under
Dream TheaterStatus Seeker
Dream TheaterSurrounded
Dream TheaterTake The Time
Dream TheaterThe Killing Hand
Dream TheaterThe Ones Who Help To Set The Sun
Dream TheaterUnder A Glass Moon
Dream TheaterWait For Sleep
Dream TheaterA Mind Beside Itself
Dream TheaterCaught In A Web
Dream TheaterLie
Dream TheaterLifting Shadows Off A Dream
Dream TheaterSix O'Clock
Dream TheaterThe Mirror
Dream TheaterBurning My Soul
Dream TheaterJust Let Me Breathe
Dream TheaterLines In The Sand
Dream TheaterLines In The Sun
Dream TheaterNew Millenium
Dream TheaterPeruvian Skies
Dream TheaterTake Away My Pain
Dream TheaterTrial Of Tears
Dream TheaterYou Not Me
Dream TheaterMetropolis - Part I
Dream TheaterSorrounded
Dream TheaterScene Eight: Finally Free
Dream TheaterScene Four: Beyond This Life
Dream TheaterScene One: Regression
Dream TheaterScene Seven: The Spirit Carries On
Dream TheaterScene Six: Home
Dream TheaterScene Three: Strange Deja Vu
Dream TheaterScene Three: Through My Words
Dream TheaterSix Degrees Of Inner Turbulance
Dream TheaterAbout To Crash
Dream TheaterAbout To Crash (Reprise)
Dream TheaterGoodnight Kiss
Dream TheaterLosing Time / Grand Finale
Dream TheaterThe Test That Stumped Them All
Dream TheaterWar Inside My Head
Dream TheaterHollow Year
Dream TheaterThe Silent Man