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Dream AcademyLife In A Northern Town
Dream AcademyForest Fire
Dream AcademyGaby Says
Dream AcademyIt'll Never Happen Again
Dream AcademyLove
Dream AcademyLowlands
Dream AcademyLucy September
Dream AcademyMercy Killing
Dream AcademyNot For Second Prize
Dream AcademySt. Valentine's Day
Dream AcademyTwelve-Eight Angel
Dream AcademyWaterloo
Dream Academy(Johnny) New Light
Dream AcademyBound To Be
Dream AcademyEdge Of Forever
Dream AcademyIn Places On The Run
Dream AcademyMoving On
Dream AcademyOne Dream
Dream AcademyThe Love Parade
Dream AcademyThe Party
Dream AcademyThis World
Dream AcademyBallad In 4/4
Dream AcademyDoubleminded
Dream AcademyEverybody's Gotta Learn Sometime
Dream AcademyHampstead Girl
Dream AcademyHere
Dream AcademyHumdrum
Dream AcademyIn Exile (For Rodrigo Rojas)
Dream AcademyIn The Hands Of Love
Dream AcademyIndian Summer
Dream AcademyPower To Believe
Dream AcademyThe Lesson Of Love
Dream AcademyPlease Please Please Let Me Get What I Want