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DraconianA Scenery Of Loss
DraconianA Slumber Did My Spirit Seal
DraconianCauda Draconis
DraconianCthulhu Rising
DraconianDark Oceans (Outro)
DraconianDaylight Misery
DraconianDeath Come Near Me
DraconianDevils Moon
DraconianEpilogue: A New Paradise
DraconianForever My Queen
DraconianHeaven Laid In Tears (Angels' Lament)
DraconianHellspawned Fire
DraconianIt Grieves My Heart
DraconianLuciferian Warwinds
DraconianMorphine Cloud
DraconianNo Greater Sorrow
DraconianNot Breathing
DraconianOn Sunday They Will Kill The World
DraconianReversio Ad Secessum
DraconianSeasons Apart
DraconianSeptember Ashes
DraconianSerenade Of Sorrow
DraconianShe Dies
DraconianSilent Winter
DraconianStorm Of Damnation
DraconianStorming Heaven
DraconianThe Abhorrent Rays
DraconianThe Amaranth
DraconianThe Apostasy Canticle
DraconianThe Cry Of Silence
DraconianThe Dying
DraconianThe Empty Stare
DraconianThe Everlasting Scar
DraconianThe Failure Epiphany
DraconianThe Gothic Embrace
DraconianThe Morningstar
DraconianThe Return To Solitude
DraconianThe Solitude
DraconianThrough Infectious Waters (A Sickness Elegy)
DraconianUnfold Thine Hands
DraconianWhen I Wake