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Dr. Dog100 Years
Dr. DogA Long Time Ago
Dr. DogAdeline
Dr. DogAin't It Strange
Dr. DogAlaska
Dr. DogArmy Of Ancients
Dr. DogCalifornia
Dr. DogCounty Line
Dr. DogDie Die Die
Dr. DogDrop Me Off
Dr. DogDutchman Falls
Dr. DogEasy Beat
Dr. DogEyesing The Blues
Dr. DogFool's Life
Dr. DogFrom
Dr. DogHang On
Dr. DogHeart It Races
Dr. DogI Can't Fly
Dr. DogI Hope There's Love
Dr. DogI'm Standing In The Light
Dr. DogI've Just Got To Tell You
Dr. DogKeep A Friend
Dr. DogLittle Bird
Dr. DogLivin' A Dream
Dr. DogMe And My Girl
Dr. DogMy Friend
Dr. DogMy Old Ways
Dr. DogMystery To Me
Dr. DogOh Me Oh My
Dr. DogOh My God
Dr. DogOh No
Dr. DogOld News
Dr. DogSay Something
Dr. DogThe ABCs
Dr. DogThe Ark
Dr. DogThe Beach
Dr. DogThe Breeze
Dr. DogThe Girl
Dr. DogThe Man Who Was Wrong
Dr. DogThe Old Days
Dr. DogThe Pretender
Dr. DogThe Rabbit, The Bat, And The Reindeer
Dr. DogThe Way The Lazy Do
Dr. DogThe World May Never Know
Dr. DogToday
Dr. DogUncovering The Old
Dr. DogWake Up
Dr. DogWe All Belong
Dr. DogWeekend
Dr. DogWorst Trip