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Donna Fargo2 Sweet 2 Be 4 Gotten
Donna FargoAll About A Feeling
Donna FargoDon't Be Angry
Donna FargoForever Is As Far As I Could Do
Donna FargoFunny Face
Donna FargoHappiest Girl In The Whole U.S.A.
Donna FargoHappiest Girl In The Whole Usa
Donna FargoHave Yourself A Time
Donna FargoHello Little Bluebird
Donna FargoHip On Happiness
Donna FargoHot Diggety Dog
Donna FargoHow Close You Came To Being Gone
Donna FargoHow Would I Live Here
Donna FargoI Didn't Mean (To Run Him Away)
Donna FargoI Have The Strangest Feeling (You're Gone)
Donna FargoI'd Love You To Want Me
Donna FargoI'll Try A Little Bit Harder
Donna FargoIt Do Feel Good
Donna FargoJust A Friend Of Mine
Donna FargoJust Call Me
Donna FargoLittle Girl Gone
Donna FargoManhattan, Kansas
Donna FargoNothing Can Stay
Donna FargoPuffy Eyes
Donna FargoRotten Little Song
Donna FargoSing Sing Sing
Donna FargoSociety's Got Us
Donna FargoSong I Can Sing
Donna FargoSuperman
Donna FargoTop Of The World
Donna FargoU.S. Of A.
Donna FargoWhat Will The New Year Bring?
Donna FargoWhatever I Say
Donna FargoWhatever I Say (Means I Love You)
Donna FargoYou Can't Be A Beacon
Donna FargoYou Don't Mess Around With Jim
Donna FargoYou Were Always There
Donna FargoYou're Not Charlie Brown (And I'm Not Raggedy Ann)