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Doc WatsonRiding That Midnight Train
Doc WatsonA-Rovin' On A Winter's Night
Doc WatsonAlberta
Doc WatsonBanks Of The Ohio
Doc WatsonBlue Railroad Train
Doc WatsonBlues Stay Away From Me
Doc WatsonColumbus Stockade
Doc WatsonCurly Headed Baby
Doc WatsonDeep River Blues
Doc WatsonDon't Tell Me Your Troubles
Doc WatsonDown In The Valley To Pray
Doc WatsonEvery Day Dirt
Doc WatsonGoing Down The Road Feeling Bad
Doc WatsonGrandfather's Clock
Doc WatsonHang Your Head In Shame
Doc WatsonHicks' Farewell
Doc WatsonI'm Going Fishing
Doc WatsonIn The Jailhouse Now
Doc WatsonIntoxicated Rat
Doc WatsonJimmie's Texas Blues
Doc WatsonKeep On The Sunny Side
Doc WatsonLittle Maggie
Doc WatsonLittle Sadie
Doc WatsonMaggie Walker Blues
Doc WatsonMake Me A Pallet On The Floor
Doc WatsonMiss The Missippi And You
Doc WatsonMiss The Mississippi And You
Doc WatsonMoody River
Doc WatsonMore Pretty Girls Than One
Doc WatsonMuskrat
Doc WatsonMy Home's Across The Blue Ridge Mountains
Doc WatsonMy Rose Of Old Kentucky
Doc WatsonMy Rough And Rowdy Ways
Doc WatsonNashville Blues
Doc WatsonOmie Wise
Doc WatsonOtto Wood The Bandit
Doc WatsonRisin' Sun Blues
Doc WatsonShady Grove
Doc WatsonSittin' On Top Of The World
Doc WatsonSpike Driver Blues
Doc WatsonTennessee Stud
Doc WatsonThat Was The Last Thing On My Mind
Doc WatsonThe Cyclone Of Ryecov
Doc WatsonThe Lone Pilgrim
Doc WatsonThe Train That Carried My Girl From Town
Doc WatsonThree Times Seven
Doc WatsonTom Dooley
Doc WatsonWabash Cannon Ball
Doc WatsonWalk On Boy
Doc WatsonWay Downtown
Doc WatsonWill The Circle Be Unbroken