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Dennis BrownAin't That Loving You
Dennis BrownBaby Don't Do It
Dennis BrownCassandra
Dennis BrownConcentration
Dennis BrownHave You Ever
Dennis BrownHe Can't Spell
Dennis BrownHere I Come
Dennis BrownHold On To What You Got
Dennis BrownI Don't Know Why
Dennis BrownLips Of Wine
Dennis BrownLove Jah
Dennis BrownMoney In My Pocket (1972 Version)
Dennis BrownMoney In My Pocket (1978 Version)
Dennis BrownMusical Heatwave
Dennis BrownRevolution
Dennis BrownSay What You're Saying
Dennis BrownSea Of Love
Dennis BrownSitting And Watching
Dennis BrownSome Like It Hot
Dennis BrownThings In Life
Dennis BrownTo The Foundations
Dennis BrownTribulation
Dennis BrownWhy Must I
Dennis BrownWords Of Wisdom