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DeinonychusA Gathering Of Memories
DeinonychusA Last Lament
DeinonychusA Shining Blaze Over Darkland
DeinonychusA Throne On My Long-awaited Desires
DeinonychusBalaam Wore Black
DeinonychusBuilding The Paradox
DeinonychusChrysanthemums In Bloom
DeinonychusHere Lies My Kingdom
DeinonychusI Have Done As You Did
DeinonychusI Ruler Of Paradise In Black
DeinonychusI, Ruler Of Paradise In Black
DeinonychusIn Mesopotamia
DeinonychusInspiring Vulnerable Thought
DeinonychusLost Forever
DeinonychusMisleading Scenario
DeinonychusMy Days Until
DeinonychusMy Travels Through The Midnight Sky
DeinonychusObscure Process Of Metamorphous
DeinonychusOceans Of Soliloquy
DeinonychusOdourless Alliance
DeinonychusOne Day
DeinonychusSalus Deceived
DeinonychusSelek From Menes
DeinonychusSerpent Of Old
DeinonychusTantalised In This Labyrinth
DeinonychusTears Will Flow
DeinonychusThe 40th Day After Easter
DeinonychusThe Awakened
DeinonychusThe Final Affliction Of Xafan
DeinonychusThe Fragrant Thorns Of Roses
DeinonychusThe Gothic Statue
DeinonychusThe Hollow Cage Of My Ribs
DeinonychusThis, A Murder Of Crows
DeinonychusUnder The Autumn Tree
DeinonychusUpon The Highlands I Fought
DeinonychusWhy Is It That Angels Speak Such Evil
DeinonychusYou Died Before I Was Finished
DeinonychusA Misleading Scenario
DeinonychusA Ruler Of Paradise In Black.
DeinonychusA Throne On My Long Awaited Desires.
DeinonychusAncient Dreams
DeinonychusAncient Dreams (Candlemass Cover)
DeinonychusArrival In Mesopotamia
DeinonychusAscension - The 40th Day After Easter
DeinonychusInspiring Vulnerable Thoughts
DeinonychusLong I Feared That My Sins Would Return To Visit Me, And The Cost Is More Than I Bear
DeinonychusNightfall Guides Insomnia To Be An Everlasting Mental Torture, With This Being The Concequence
DeinonychusReasons To Open Your Eyelids And Awake The Apocalypse Iris Is Telling You
DeinonychusRed Is My Blood... Cold Is My Heart
DeinonychusThe Crimosn Tides-Oceans Of Soliloquy Pt. II
DeinonychusThe Crimson Tides - Ocean Of Soliloquy Pt.Ii
DeinonychusThe Obscure Process Of Metamorphous
DeinonychusTo Diagnose The Fortunes Of Paranoia Consuming Consciousness And Sanity
DeinonychusWe Have Uncovered A Question And Now We Must Unearth The Answer
DeinonychusWhy Is It That Angels Speak Such Evil?