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DeicideBastard of Christ
DeicideBehind the light thou shall rise
DeicideBelieve the lie
DeicideBlame it on God
DeicideCeatures of habit
DeicideChrist denied
DeicideConfessional rape
DeicideDead but dreaming
DeicideI am no one
DeicideKill the christian
DeicideOnce upon the cross
DeicideSatan spawn, the caco-daemon
DeicideSerpents of the light
DeicideSlave to the cross
DeicideThe truth above
DeicideThey are the children of the underworld
DeicideTo be dead
DeicideTrick or betrayed
DeicideWhen Satan rules his world
DeicideCarnage In The Temple Of The Dammed
DeicideCreatures Of Habit
DeicideDay Of Darkness
DeicideDead By Dawn
DeicideFather Baker 's
DeicideHoly Deception
DeicideIn Hell I Burn
DeicideLunatic Of God 's Creation
DeicideOblivious To Evil
DeicideRepent To Die
DeicideRevocate The Agitator
DeicideSacrificial Suicde
DeicideThis Is Hell We 're In
DeicideApocalyptic Fear
DeicideBehead The Prophet (No Lord Shall Live)
DeicideBible Basher
DeicideChild Of God
DeicideChrist Don't Care
DeicideEnchanted Nightmare
DeicideFather Baker's
DeicideForever Hate You
DeicideFuck Your God
DeicideHomage For Satan
DeicideIn Torment In Hell
DeicideLunatic Of God's Creation
DeicideMad At God
DeicideSacrificial Suicide
DeicideScars Of The Crucifix
DeicideStanding In The Flames
DeicideThe Gift That Keeps On Giving
DeicideThe Pentecostal
DeicideThis Is Hell We're In
DeicideWhen Heaven Burns
DeicideWorry In The House Of Thieves
DeicideWorst Enemy