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Dean StricklandA State Jail Felony
Dean StricklandBassist And Drummer Wanted
Dean StricklandConflicting Interest
Dean StricklandCrush Or Love?
Dean StricklandEverywhere I Go
Dean StricklandFuck All Those A & R Guys
Dean StricklandGod Heal Me Please
Dean StricklandI Don't Like You Either
Dean StricklandI Hate You
Dean StricklandI Love Texas (it's My Home)
Dean StricklandI Love You
Dean StricklandIf I Believe
Dean StricklandIf You Want This To End
Dean StricklandI'll Get Out Of This Town
Dean StricklandI'll Remeber You Always ( And The Irony )
Dean StricklandI'm Wondering (Are You Paranoid)
Dean StricklandIt Takes A Cowboy Like Me
Dean StricklandI've Learned
Dean StricklandLying Girl
Dean StricklandMeredith With Your Pretty Blue Eyes
Dean StricklandMy Angel's Sweet Sweet Touch
Dean StricklandPlease Tell Me That I've Suffered Enough
Dean StricklandRachel, I'm Very Sorry
Dean StricklandRobin
Dean StricklandShe Don't Love Me
Dean StricklandShe's Got Problems
Dean StricklandSome Girls To Blame
Dean StricklandSomething To You I Just Wanted To Tell
Dean StricklandStop It
Dean StricklandSuicide Note ( I'm Doing This )
Dean StricklandTexas
Dean StricklandThe Charge Of Loving You
Dean StricklandThe Commitment
Dean StricklandThe Good Lord Knows
Dean StricklandThe Perfect Place
Dean StricklandThere's No One As Beautiful As You
Dean StricklandThis Letter
Dean StricklandTotal Fucking Jerk
Dean StricklandWaiting For My Dream
Dean StricklandWhere I Stand
Dean StricklandWho Needs You?
Dean StricklandWhy Did Classic Country Music Have To Die?
Dean StricklandWith A Smile On My Face
Dean StricklandWith You Step By Step
Dean StricklandWith You With Me
Dean StricklandXimena
Dean StricklandYou Make Me Smile(I Want You To Know)
Dean StricklandYou're Almost Dead
Dean StricklandYou're Gonna Be A Big Big Star
Dean StricklandYou're Inspirational To Me