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Deacon BlueA Brighter Star Than You Will Shine
Deacon BlueClosing Time
Deacon BlueCover From The Sky
Deacon BlueFellow Hoodlums
Deacon BlueFergus Sings The Blues
Deacon BlueGoodnight Jamsie
Deacon BlueI Will See You Tomorrow
Deacon BlueJames Joyce Soles
Deacon BlueKings Of The Western World
Deacon BlueOne Day I 'll Go Walking
Deacon BlueQueen Of The New Year
Deacon BlueThe Day That Jackie Jumped The Jail
Deacon BlueThe Wildness
Deacon BlueThe World Is Lit By Lightning
Deacon BlueThis Changing Light
Deacon BlueTwist And Shout
Deacon BlueYour Swaying Arms
Deacon BlueAlmost Beautiful
Deacon BlueAlways Alone
Deacon BlueBeautiful Stranger
Deacon BlueBorin In A Storm
Deacon BlueChocolate Girl
Deacon BlueCircus Lights
Deacon BlueCut Lip
Deacon BlueDignity
Deacon BlueEven Higher Ground
Deacon BlueHe Looks Like Spencer Tracy Now
Deacon BlueI Was Right And You Were Wrong
Deacon BlueI'll Never Fall In Love Again
Deacon BlueIndigo Sky
Deacon BlueLoaded
Deacon BlueLondon Comes Alive
Deacon BlueLong Window To Love
Deacon BlueLove And Regret
Deacon BlueLove's Great Fears
Deacon BlueMy America
Deacon BlueNow That You're Here
Deacon BlueOne Hundred Things
Deacon BlueRagman
Deacon BlueRain Town
Deacon BlueReal Gone Kid
Deacon BlueRiches
Deacon BlueSad Loved Girl
Deacon BlueS.H.A.R.O.N.
Deacon BlueSilhouette
Deacon BlueSomething About Ireland
Deacon BlueTake Me To The Place
Deacon BlueThe Undeveloped Heart
Deacon BlueThe Very Thing
Deacon BlueThis Train Will Take You Anywhere
Deacon BlueTown To Be Blamed
Deacon BlueWages Day
Deacon BlueWalking Back Home
Deacon BlueWhen Will You Make My Telephone Ring
Deacon BlueYour Constant Heart