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David GilmourA Great Day For Freedom
David GilmourA Pocketful Of Stones
David GilmourAll Lovers Are Deranged
David GilmourArnold Layne
David GilmourBlue Light
David GilmourBreakthrough
David GilmourComfortably Numb
David GilmourComing Back To Life
David GilmourCruise
David GilmourCry From The Street
David GilmourDark Globe
David GilmourDavid Gilmour
David GilmourDimming Of The Day
David GilmourDominoes
David GilmourDon't
David GilmourFat Old Sun
David GilmourHigh Hopes
David GilmourHushabye Mountain
David GilmourI Can't Breathe Anymore
David GilmourJe Crois Entendre Encore
David GilmourLove On The Air
David GilmourMurder
David GilmourNear The End
David GilmourNo Way
David GilmourOn A Island
David GilmourOn An Island
David GilmourOut Of The Blue
David GilmourRed Sky At Night
David GilmourShine On You Crazy Diamond
David GilmourShine On You Crazy Diamond, Parts 1-5
David GilmourShine On You Crazy Diamond, Parts 6-8
David GilmourShort & Sweet
David GilmourSmile
David GilmourSo Far Away
David GilmourSummers Day
David GilmourTake A Breath
David GilmourTerrapin
David GilmourThe Blue
David GilmourThere's No Way Out Of Here
David GilmourThis Heaven
David GilmourUntil We Sleep
David GilmourWhere We Start
David GilmourWish You Were Here
David GilmourYou Know I'm Right