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DarknessBlack Shuck
DarknessFriday Night
DarknessGet Your Hands Off My Woman
DarknessGivin ' Up
DarknessGrowing On Me
DarknessHolding My Own
DarknessI Believe In A Thing Called Love
DarknessLove Is Only A Feeling
DarknessLove On The Rocks With No Ice
DarknessStuck In A Rut
DarknessBest Of Me
DarknessBlind Man
DarknessChristmas Time
DarknessChristmas Time (Don't Let The Bells End)
DarknessCurse Of The Tollund Man
DarknessDinner Lady Arms
DarknessEnglish Country Garden
DarknessFade Out(Street Spirit)
DarknessGirl With The Hazel Eyes
DarknessGrief Hammer
DarknessHazel Eyes
DarknessHow Dare You
DarknessHow Dare You Call This Love
DarknessHow Dare You Call This Love Lyrics That Are Right
DarknessI Love You 5 Times
DarknessI Love You Five Times
DarknessIn My Dreams
DarknessIs It Just Me?
DarknessLove On The Rock With No Ice
DarknessMakin' Out
DarknessMy Sharona
DarknessOne Way Ticket
DarknessOut Of My Hands
DarknessPermission To Land
DarknessPhysical Sex
DarknessPlanning Permission
DarknessSeemed Like A Good Idea
DarknessSeemed Like A Good Idea At The Time
DarknessShake (Like A Lettuce Leaf)
DarknessShit Ghost
DarknessStreet Spirit (Fade Out)
DarknessStuck In A Molehole
DarknessThis Town Aint Big Enough For The Both Of Us
DarknessTollund Man
DarknessUpshit Creek