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By Heart2004
By HeartA Poem
By HeartAt Twilight Time
By HeartBeyond The Satellites
By HeartBrother
By HeartBy Your Smile
By HeartCatchy Music
By HeartCecilia's Birthday
By HeartFor The Last Time
By HeartHer Secret
By HeartIf I Turn Around
By HeartInto The Arms Of Strangers
By HeartLet Me In
By HeartMonster
By HeartNevermore
By HeartRebecca (How I Miss You)
By HeartRemember My Name
By HeartSomeone To Die For
By HeartThe Centre Of The World
By HeartThings She Said
By HeartThroughout The Night
By HeartWe're On The Radio
By HeartWhen You're Beautiful
By HeartYou
By HeartYour Ghost
By HeartA Long, Long Time Ago
By HeartAfraid For Love To Fade
By HeartCan We Just Stop & Talk Awhile
By HeartHow Can I?
By HeartI Remember The Boy
By HeartI Will Always Stay This Way In Love With You
By HeartLet The Pain Remain
By HeartSay That You Love Me
By HeartShe Once Lived Here