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Butt TrumpetBlind
Butt TrumpetClassic Asshole
Butt TrumpetClusterfuck
Butt TrumpetDead Dogs
Butt TrumpetDecapitated
Butt TrumpetDicktatorship
Butt TrumpetFuneral Crashing Tonite
Butt TrumpetI 'm Ugly And I Don 't Know Why
Butt TrumpetI 've Been So Mad Lately
Butt TrumpetI Left My Flannel In Seattle
Butt TrumpetI Left My Gun In San Francisco
Butt TrumpetI'm Ugly And I Don't Know Why
Butt TrumpetI've Been So Mad Lately
Butt TrumpetOde To Dickhead
Butt TrumpetPink Gun
Butt TrumpetPrimitive Enema
Butt TrumpetShutup
Butt TrumpetTen Seconds Of Heaven
Butt TrumpetThe Grindcore Song
Butt TrumpetYesterday