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Burning SpearAfrican Woman
Burning SpearCall On Jah
Burning SpearCivilization
Burning SpearCome, Come
Burning SpearElephants
Burning SpearFire Down Below
Burning SpearGarvey
Burning SpearHouse Of Reggae
Burning SpearJah Kingdom
Burning SpearLand Of My Birth
Burning SpearLittle Garvey
Burning SpearMan In The Hills
Burning SpearMarcus Garvey
Burning SpearMy Roots
Burning SpearOne People
Burning SpearPraise Him
Burning SpearRasta Business
Burning SpearRecall Some Great Men
Burning SpearShe's Mine
Burning SpearShould I
Burning SpearTake A Look
Burning SpearThank You
Burning SpearTumble Down
Burning SpearWhen Jah Call