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Bruce CockburnIf I had a Rocket Launcher
Bruce CockburnWondering Where The Lions Are
Bruce CockburnAll The Diamonds In The World
Bruce CockburnAll The Ways I Want You
Bruce CockburnBerlin Tonight
Bruce CockburnBone In My Ear
Bruce CockburnBurn
Bruce CockburnCall It Democracy
Bruce CockburnChristmas Song
Bruce CockburnCreation Dream
Bruce CockburnDon't Feel Your Touch
Bruce CockburnDown In Yon Forest
Bruce CockburnDust And Diesel
Bruce CockburnEarly On One Christmas Morn
Bruce CockburnFestival Of Friends
Bruce CockburnGod Bless The Children
Bruce CockburnGoing To The Country
Bruce CockburnGreat Big Love
Bruce CockburnI Saw Three Ships
Bruce CockburnI Wanna Dance With You
Bruce CockburnIf A Tree Falls
Bruce CockburnIsn't That What Friends Are For?
Bruce CockburnIt Come Upon The Midnight Clear
Bruce CockburnLast Night Of The World
Bruce CockburnLes Anges Dans Nos Campagnes
Bruce CockburnLoner
Bruce CockburnLove Song
Bruce CockburnLovers In A Dangerous Time
Bruce CockburnMaking Contact
Bruce CockburnMango
Bruce CockburnMary Had A Baby
Bruce CockburnNicaragua
Bruce CockburnNight Train
Bruce CockburnNo Footprints
Bruce CockburnOne Day I Walk
Bruce CockburnOpen
Bruce CockburnOutside A Broken Phone Booth With Money In My Hand
Bruce CockburnPacing The Cage
Bruce CockburnRiu Riu Chiu
Bruce CockburnSee How I Miss You
Bruce CockburnSomebody Touched Me
Bruce CockburnSomeone I Used To Love
Bruce CockburnStrange Waters
Bruce CockburnThe Gift
Bruce CockburnThe Strong One
Bruce CockburnThe Trouble With Normal
Bruce CockburnThe Whole Night Sky
Bruce CockburnTokyo
Bruce CockburnWait No More
Bruce CockburnWaiting For A Miracle