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Boomtown RatsI Dont Like Mondays
Boomtown RatsA Storm Breaks
Boomtown RatsAnother Piece Of Red
Boomtown RatsBanana Republic
Boomtown RatsBeat Of The Night
Boomtown RatsBlind Date
Boomtown RatsCan't Stop
Boomtown RatsCharmed Lives
Boomtown RatsCheerio (Hidden Track)
Boomtown RatsClose As You'll Ever Be
Boomtown RatsDave
Boomtown RatsDiamond Smiles
Boomtown RatsDo The Rat
Boomtown RatsDon't Believe What You Read
Boomtown RatsDon't Talk To Me
Boomtown RatsDrag Me Down
Boomtown RatsFall Down
Boomtown RatsGo Man Go
Boomtown RatsHaving My Picture Taken
Boomtown RatsHe Watches At All
Boomtown RatsHouse On Fire
Boomtown RatsHow Do You Do?
Boomtown RatsHurt Hurts
Boomtown RatsI Can Make It If You Can
Boomtown RatsI Don't Like Mondays
Boomtown Rats(I Never Loved) Eva Braun
Boomtown RatsJoey's On The Street Again
Boomtown RatsKeep It Up
Boomtown RatsKicks
Boomtown RatsLike Clockwork
Boomtown RatsLiving In An Island
Boomtown RatsLookin' After No. 1
Boomtown RatsLooking After Number One
Boomtown RatsMary Of The Fourth Form
Boomtown RatsRat Trap
Boomtown RatsSleep (Fingers' Lullaby)
Boomtown RatsSomeone's Looking At You
Boomtown RatsStraight Up
Boomtown RatsTalking In Code
Boomtown RatsThe Bitter End
Boomtown RatsThe Elephants Graveyard
Boomtown RatsThe Great Song Of Indifference
Boomtown RatsThe Little Death/...House Burned Down
Boomtown RatsThis Is My Room
Boomtown RatsThis Is The World Calling
Boomtown RatsTonight
Boomtown RatsUnder Their Thumb.... Is Under My Thumb
Boomtown RatsUp All Night
Boomtown Rats(Watch Out For) The Normal People
Boomtown RatsWhen The Night Comes
Boomtown RatsWind Chill Factor (Minus Zero)