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BloodparadeBehind The Smoke
BloodparadeBehind The Smoke (Spanish Version)
BloodparadeBy My Side
BloodparadeCan Ignore
BloodparadeDesired Is The End
BloodparadeExhale Again
BloodparadeExhale Again (Spanish Version)
BloodparadeFeelings Around Me
BloodparadeFrom Fire
BloodparadeGame Over
BloodparadeHard Feelings
BloodparadeNever More
BloodparadeNevermore (Spanish Version)
BloodparadeOther Worlds
BloodparadeQueen Of Darkness
BloodparadeRend Destiny
BloodparadeSecrets Of The Sea
BloodparadeSomebody Comes For Me
BloodparadeTake My Soul
BloodparadeThe Betrayal Looks To You
BloodparadeThe Final Day
BloodparadeThe Final Day (Spanish Version)
BloodparadeWaiting For The Horror