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Blinded Colony21st Century Holocaust
Blinded ColonyAarons Sons
Blinded ColonyAnno Domini 1224
Blinded ColonyBedtime Prayers
Blinded ColonyContagious Sin
Blinded ColonyDemoniser DCLXVI
Blinded ColonyDiscrown The Holy
Blinded ColonyKingdom Of Pain
Blinded ColonyLegacy (Slaves In The Name Of Christ)
Blinded ColonyLifeless Dominion
Blinded ColonyMy Halo
Blinded ColonyNeed
Blinded ColonyOnce Bitten Twice Shy
Blinded ColonyOnce Bitten Twice Shy (proper)
Blinded ColonyRevelation, Now!
Blinded ColonySelfobtained Paranoia
Blinded ColonyThorned & Weak