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Blind GuardianA Dark Passage
Blind GuardianAnd Then There Was Silence
Blind GuardianBlack Chamber
Blind GuardianBlood Tears
Blind GuardianMajesty
Blind GuardianBright Eyes
Blind GuardianGoodbye My Friend
Blind GuardianLord Of The Rings
Blind GuardianMirror Mirror
Blind GuardianNightfall
Blind GuardianThe Bards Song (In The Forest
Blind GuardianThe Bards Song (The hobbit)
Blind GuardianThe Last Candle
Blind GuardianPath Of Glory
Blind GuardianAge Of False Innocence
Blind GuardianBattlefield
Blind GuardianPrecious Jerusalem
Blind GuardianPunishment Divine
Blind GuardianSadly Sings Destiny
Blind GuardianThe Maiden And the Minstrel Knight
Blind GuardianThe Soulforged
Blind GuardianUnder The Ice
Blind GuardianWait For An Answer
Blind GuardianBattalions Of Fear
Blind GuardianGuardian of the Blind
Blind GuardianRun For The Night
Blind GuardianThe Martyr
Blind GuardianWizard's Crown
Blind GuardianBlood on my hands
Blind GuardianGallows Pole
Blind GuardianMy Last Sunrise
Blind GuardianTear Down The Wall
Blind GuardianThe Whistler
Blind GuardianBanish From Sanctuary
Blind GuardianDamned For All Time
Blind GuardianFast To Madness
Blind GuardianFollow The Blind
Blind GuardianHall Of The King
Blind GuardianValhalla
Blind GuardianA Past And Future Secret
Blind GuardianAnd The Story Ends
Blind GuardianAnother Holy War
Blind GuardianBorn In a Mourning Hall
Blind GuardianI'm Alive
Blind GuardianImaginations From The Other Side
Blind GuardianMordred's Song
Blind GuardianThe Script For My Requiem
Blind GuardianCaptured
Blind GuardianInto The Storm
Blind GuardianNoldor ( Dead Winter Reigns )
Blind GuardianThe Curse of FŽanor
Blind GuardianThe Eldar
Blind GuardianThe Minstrel
Blind GuardianThorn
Blind GuardianTime Stands Still (At the Iron Hill)
Blind GuardianWar of Wrath
Blind GuardianWhen Sorrow Sang
Blind GuardianAshes To Ashes
Blind GuardianSomewhere Far Beyond
Blind GuardianThe Bard's Song: In the Forest
Blind GuardianThe Bard's Song: The Hobbit
Blind GuardianTheatre of Pain
Blind GuardianAltair 4
Blind GuardianBarbara Ann
Blind GuardianBattle Of Sudden Flame
Blind GuardianBeyond The Realms Of Death
Blind GuardianFace The Truth
Blind GuardianIn The Forest
Blind GuardianJourney Through The Dark
Blind GuardianLost In The Twilight Hell
Blind GuardianMurderer 's Song
Blind GuardianNom The Wise
Blind GuardianOut On The Water
Blind GuardianSpread Your Wings
Blind GuardianSurfin ' Usa
Blind GuardianThe Bard 's Song In The Forest
Blind GuardianThe Bard 's Song The Hobbit
Blind GuardianThe Battle Of Sudden Flame
Blind GuardianThe Black Chamber
Blind GuardianThe Dark Elf
Blind GuardianThe Hobbit
Blind GuardianThe Quest For Tanelorn
Blind GuardianThe Steadfast
Blind GuardianThe Wizard
Blind GuardianTime What Is Time
Blind GuardianTo France
Blind GuardianTommyknockers
Blind GuardianTraveler In Time
Blind GuardianVhalhala
Blind GuardianWelcome To Dying
Blind GuardianDon't Talk To Strangers
Blind GuardianHarvest Of Sorrow
Blind GuardianI'm Alive
Blind GuardianMies Del Dolor
Blind GuardianMordred's Song
Blind GuardianMr. Sandman
Blind GuardianNoldor (Dead Winter Reigns)
Blind GuardianSurfin' USA
Blind GuardianThe Bard's Song
Blind GuardianThe Bard's Song: In The Forest
Blind GuardianThe Bard's Song: The Hobbit
Blind GuardianWizard's Crown