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Billy "crash" CraddockAfraid I'll Want To Love Her One More Time
Billy "crash" CraddockAnother Woman
Billy "crash" CraddockDon't Be Angry
Billy "crash" CraddockDon't Destroy Me
Billy "crash" CraddockDream Lover
Billy "crash" CraddockEasy As Pie
Billy "crash" CraddockFool
Billy "crash" CraddockI Need Somebody To Love Me
Billy "crash" CraddockJeannie Norman
Billy "crash" CraddockKnock Three Times
Billy "crash" CraddockRub It In
Billy "crash" CraddockRuby, Baby
Billy "crash" CraddockSeventh Son
Billy "crash" CraddockShe Could
Billy "crash" CraddockShe's About A Mover
Billy "crash" CraddockSlippin' And Slidin'
Billy "crash" CraddockSweet Magnolia Blossom
Billy "crash" CraddockThere Won't Be Another Now
Billy "crash" CraddockThink I'll Go Somewhere And Cry Myself To Sleep
Billy "crash" CraddockTill Morning
Billy "crash" CraddockTill The Water Stops Running
Billy "crash" CraddockTreat Her Right
Billy "crash" CraddockWalk Softly
Billy "crash" CraddockWhat He Don't Know Won't Hurt Him
Billy "crash" CraddockYou Better Move On
Billy "crash" CraddockYou Can't Cry It Away
Billy "crash" CraddockYou Rubbed It In All Wrong