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Bette MidlerThe Rose
Bette MidlerBoogie Woogie Bugle Boy
Bette MidlerFrom A Distance
Bette MidlerMoses
Bette MidlerRose
Bette MidlerWind Beneath My Wings
Bette MidlerYou've Got to Have Friends
Bette MidlerI Know You By Heart
Bette MidlerBaby Mine
Bette MidlerSomewhere In My Memory
Bette MidlerSuperstar
Bette MidlerGod Help The Outcasts
Bette MidlerThat's How Heartaches Are Made
Bette MidlerIn These Shoes
Bette MidlerGod Give Me Strength
Bette MidlerJust My Imagination (Running Away With Me)
Bette MidlerLove TKO
Bette MidlerNobody Else But You
Bette MidlerColor Of Roses
Bette MidlerBless You Child
Bette MidlerWhen Your Life Was Low
Bette MidlerShining Star
Bette MidlerSong Of Bernadette
Bette MidlerI'm Beautiful
Bette MidlerLullaby In Blue
Bette MidlerUkulele Lady
Bette MidlerI'm Hip
Bette MidlerI Sold My Heart To The Junkman
Bette MidlerOne Monkey Don't Stop No Show
Bette MidlerBoxing
Bette MidlerBig Socks
Bette MidlerThat's How Love Moves
Bette MidlerMy One True Friend
Bette MidlerLaughing Matters
Bette MidlerHeaven
Bette MidlerI Know This Town
Bette MidlerIn This Life
Bette MidlerBottomless
Bette MidlerTo Comfort You
Bette MidlerTo Deserve You
Bette MidlerThe Last Time
Bette MidlerBed Of Roses
Bette MidlerThe Perfect Kiss
Bette MidlerAs Dreams Go By
Bette MidlerIt's Too Late
Bette MidlerI Believe In You
Bette MidlerUp! Up! Up!
Bette MidlerBilly-A-Dick
Bette MidlerStuff Like That There
Bette MidlerP.S. I Love You
Bette MidlerDreamland
Bette MidlerFor All We Know
Bette MidlerCome Rain Or Come Shine
Bette MidlerIn My Life
Bette MidlerI Remember You
Bette MidlerEvery Road Leads Back To You
Bette MidlerSome People
Bette MidlerMr. Goldstone
Bette MidlerEverything's Coming Up Roses
Bette MidlerRose's Turn
Bette MidlerOne More Round
Bette MidlerSome People's Lives
Bette MidlerMiss Otis Regrets
Bette MidlerSpring Can Really Hang You Up The Most
Bette MidlerNight And Day
Bette MidlerThe Girl Is On To You
Bette MidlerMoonlight Dancing
Bette MidlerHe Was Too Good To Me / Since You Stayed Here
Bette MidlerAll Of A Sudden
Bette MidlerThe Gift Of Love
Bette MidlerUnder The Boardwalk
Bette MidlerI've Still Got My Health
Bette MidlerI Think It's Going To Rain Today
Bette MidlerOtto Titsling
Bette MidlerThe Glory Of Love
Bette MidlerOh Industry
Bette MidlerFat As I Am
Bette MidlerI'm Singing Broadway
Bette MidlerIs It Love
Bette MidlerFavorite Waste Of Time
Bette MidlerAll I Need To Know
Bette MidlerOnly In Miami
Bette MidlerHeart Over Head
Bette MidlerLet Me Drive
Bette MidlerMy Eye On You
Bette MidlerBeast Of Burden
Bette MidlerSoda And A Souvenir
Bette MidlerCome Back, Jimmy Dean
Bette MidlerBig Noise From Winnetka - Divine Madness Version
Bette MidlerFire Down Below
Bette MidlerMy Mother's Eyes
Bette MidlerE Street Shuffle
Bette MidlerSummer (The First Time)
Bette MidlerYou Can't Always Get What You Want
Bette MidlerWhose Side Are You On?
Bette MidlerMidnight In Memphis
Bette MidlerWhen A Man Loves A Woman
Bette MidlerSold My Soul To Rock 'n' Roll
Bette MidlerKeep On Rockin'
Bette MidlerLove Me With A Feeling
Bette MidlerStay With Me
Bette MidlerLet Me Call You Sweetheart
Bette MidlerBig Noise From Winnetka
Bette MidlerMillworker
Bette MidlerCradle Days
Bette MidlerMy Knight In Black Leather
Bette MidlerHang On In There, Baby
Bette MidlerHurricane
Bette MidlerRain
Bette MidlerMarried Men
Bette MidlerMake Yourself Comfortable
Bette MidlerYou Don't Know Me
Bette MidlerSay Goodbye To Hollywood
Bette MidlerI Never Talk To Strangers
Bette MidlerStorybook Children
Bette MidlerRed
Bette MidlerEmpty Bed Blues
Bette MidlerA Dream Is A Wish Your Heart Makes
Bette MidlerParadise
Bette MidlerYellow Beach Umbrella
Bette MidlerLa Vie En Rose
Bette MidlerOh My My
Bette MidlerBang, You're Dead
Bette MidlerBirds
Bette MidlerHurry On Down
Bette MidlerYou're Moving Out Today
Bette MidlerLong John Blues
Bette MidlerNanette
Bette MidlerAlabama Song
Bette MidlerReady To Begin Again
Bette MidlerUp The Ladder To The Roof
Bette MidlerStrangers In The Night
Bette MidlerI Don't Want The Night To End
Bette MidlerMr. Rockefeller
Bette MidlerOld Cape Cod
Bette MidlerBuckets Of Rain
Bette MidlerLove Says It's Waiting
Bette MidlerShiver Me Timbers / Samedi Et Vendredi
Bette MidlerNo Jestering
Bette MidlerTragedy
Bette MidlerMarahuana
Bette MidlerLet Me Just Follow Behind
Bette MidlerSkylark
Bette MidlerDrinking Again
Bette MidlerBreaking Up Somebodys Home
Bette MidlerSurabaya Johnny
Bette MidlerI Shall Be Released
Bette MidlerOptimistic Voices / Lullaby Of Broadway
Bette MidlerIn The Mood
Bette MidlerUptown / Don't Say Nothin' Bad (About My Baby) / Da Doo Run Run
Bette MidlerTwisted
Bette MidlerHigher And Higher (Your Love Keeps Lifting Me)
Bette MidlerDo You Want To Dance?
Bette MidlerChapel Of Love
Bette MidlerDaytime Hustler
Bette MidlerAm I Blue
Bette MidlerFriends (Side 2, Cut 1)
Bette MidlerHello In There
Bette MidlerLeader Of The Pack
Bette MidlerDelta Dawn
Bette MidlerFriends (Side 2, Cut 6)
Bette MidlerDo You Want To Dance
Bette MidlerHe Was Too Good To Me Since You Stayed Here
Bette MidlerOptimistic Voices Lullaby Of Broadway
Bette MidlerShiver Me Timbers Samedi Et Vendredi
Bette MidlerWhose Side Are You On
Bette MidlerBlueberry Pie
Bette MidlerHigher & Higher (Your Love Keeps Lifting Me)
Bette MidlerOn A Slow Boat To China (feat. Barry Manilow)
Bette MidlerShiver Me Timbers
Bette MidlerSisters (feat. Linda Ronstadt)
Bette MidlerThe Wind Beneath My Wings
Bette MidlerYour Love Keeps Liftin Me Higher