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Beat Crusaders50 Wisdom
Beat CrusadersAnother Time/Another Story
Beat CrusadersBe My Wife
Beat CrusadersBlock Bastard
Beat CrusadersChristine
Beat CrusadersClown For The Day
Beat CrusadersDay After Day
Beat CrusadersDisaster
Beat CrusadersE.c.d.t
Beat CrusadersEverybody Hates My Guitar Sound
Beat CrusadersFeel
Beat CrusadersFeel (Traducao)
Beat CrusadersFollow Me
Beat CrusadersGet Up, Get Up
Beat CrusadersGymnasium
Beat CrusadersHey Hey Look Look (Kappa Mikey)
Beat CrusadersHit In The Usa (Traducao)
Beat CrusadersI Can See Clearly Now
Beat CrusadersI Wanna Go To The Disko
Beat CrusadersIsolations
Beat CrusadersJapanese Girl
Beat CrusadersLittle More Than Before (Slip Out)
Beat CrusadersLove Dischord
Beat CrusadersLove Is Inspiration
Beat CrusadersLove Potion
Beat CrusadersMoon On The Water
Beat CrusadersRusk
Beat CrusadersSay Good Night
Beat CrusadersSexist
Beat CrusadersSolitaire
Beat CrusadersSuper Ko Rider
Beat CrusadersTonight, Tonight, Tonight
Beat CrusadersTonight, Tonight, Tonight (Traducao)
Beat CrusadersTonight Tonight Tonight (Tv Size)
Beat CrusadersWinterlong
Beat CrusadersZenith