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BaccaraSorry, Im a lady
BaccaraI Do, I Do, I Do
BaccaraParlez-vous Francais
BaccaraSorry I 'm A Lady
BaccaraCall Me Up
BaccaraCan't Help Falling In Love
BaccaraFor You
BaccaraHeart, Body And Soul
BaccaraLa Bamba
BaccaraMade In Madrid
BaccaraParlez-vous Framcais?
BaccaraParlez Vous Francais?
BaccaraSomewhere In Paradise
BaccaraThe Devil Send You To Laredo
BaccaraTouch Me
BaccaraWoman To Woman
BaccaraYammy, Yammy, Yammy
BaccaraYes Sir
BaccaraYummy, Yummy, Yummy
BaccaraAdelita (Spanish)
BaccaraAy Ay Sailor
BaccaraBady Talk
BaccaraBody Talk
BaccaraBy 1999
BaccaraCant Help Falling In Love
BaccaraCara Mia
BaccaraDevil Send You To Lorado
BaccaraDon't Play me a Symphony
BaccaraDont Play Me A Symphony
BaccaraFeel Me
BaccaraGimme Gimme Gimme More
BaccaraGranada (Spanish)
BaccaraHeart, Body & Soul
BaccaraKoochie Koo!
BaccaraLa Bamba (Spanish)
BaccaraLight My Fire
BaccaraMad In Madrid
BaccaraMucho Mucho
BaccaraNumber One
BaccaraParlez Vous Framcais
BaccaraParlez-Vous Francais (English)
BaccaraParlez-Vous Francais (French)
BaccaraSorry Im A Lady
BaccaraSorry,I'm A Lady
BaccaraSorryI'm A Lady
BaccaraStupid Cupid
BaccaraThe Devil Send You to Lorado
BaccaraWomen to Women
BaccaraYes Sir, I Can Boogie
BaccaraYes SirI Can Boogie
BaccaraYummy Yummy Yummy