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Averse SefiraA Shower Of Idols
Averse Sefira...Ablaze
Averse SefiraAbove The Firmaments Of Wrath
Averse SefiraAd Infinitum
Averse SefiraArgument Obscura
Averse SefiraBattle's Clarion
Averse SefiraCognition Of Rebirth
Averse SefiraCondemned To Glory
Averse SefiraCremation Of Ideologies
Averse SefiraDeathhymn
Averse SefiraDecapitation Of Sigils
Averse SefiraDescension
Averse SefiraDetonation
Averse SefiraFallen Beneath The Earth
Averse SefiraFor We Have Always Been
Averse SefiraHelix In Audience
Averse SefiraHierophant Disgorging
Averse SefiraHomecoming's March
Averse SefiraHymns To The Scourge Of Heaven
Averse SefiraMana Anima
Averse SefiraPax Dei
Averse SefiraPlagabraha
Averse SefiraRefractions Of An Exploded Singularity
Averse SefiraSance In A Warrior's Memory
Averse SefiraSentinel's Plight
Averse SefiraSerpent Recoil
Averse SefiraSonance Inumberate
Averse SefiraThe Nascent Ones (The Age Of Geburah)
Averse SefiraTransitive Annihilation
Averse SefiraViral Kinesis
Averse SefiraVomitorium Angelis