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Avalon (Germany)Age Of Salvation
Avalon (Germany)Black Hole Wisdom
Avalon (Germany)Burning Souls
Avalon (Germany)Children Of War
Avalon (Germany)Dancing With The Devil
Avalon (Germany)Eternal Flame
Avalon (Germany)Far Away
Avalon (Germany)Fate Of Centuries
Avalon (Germany)Gene Genius
Avalon (Germany)I Don't Want To Go
Avalon (Germany)Lord Of Dignity
Avalon (Germany)Save The Holy Land
Avalon (Germany)Temujin
Avalon (Germany)The Last Call
Avalon (Germany)The Painting
Avalon (Germany)The Road To Eden
Avalon (Germany)The Stranger
Avalon (Germany)They Are In Between Us
Avalon (Germany)Wonder Why
Avalon (Germany)Aurora
Avalon (Germany)Eurasia
Avalon (Germany)Solitune