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AutumnA Minor Dance
AutumnA Simple Truth
AutumnA Waiting Time
AutumnAll My Lovers
AutumnAlong Ethereal Levels
AutumnAnswers Never Questioned
AutumnBehind The Walls Of Her Desire
AutumnCascade (For A Day)
AutumnCrown Of Thoughts
AutumnDakota Odowan (Dakota Song)
AutumnDesert Winds Of Jezebel
AutumnEven Now
AutumnFloating Towards Distress
AutumnFor Those Who Are Left Behind
AutumnGallery Of Reality
AutumnGospels In Dusk (The Witch In Me Part III)
AutumnHorizon Line
AutumnLiquid Under Film Noir (Arsonist's Tale)
AutumnMirrors Magic Sights
AutumnOne Word Reminder
AutumnParadise Nox
AutumnQuiet Friend
AutumnSilent Madness
AutumnSolar Wake
AutumnStill Breathing
AutumnSuffer The Wild Dogs
AutumnSulphur Rodentsulphur Rodents
AutumnSummer's End
AutumnThe Coven (The Witch In Me Part II)
AutumnThe End Of The Line
AutumnThe Green Angel
AutumnThe Hating Tree
AutumnThe Heart Demands
AutumnThe Knowing
AutumnThe Night I Bore The Maiden's Child
AutumnThe Rest Of My Days
AutumnThe Trip
AutumnThe Well
AutumnThe Witch In Me
AutumnThis Night
AutumnVision Red
AutumnWhen Lust Evokes The Curse
AutumnWhispering Secrets
AutumnWho Has Seen Her Wave Her Hand
AutumnMirrors Magic Sight
AutumnSilent Waterstream