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Aunt Rita14 LB. Heart
Aunt RitaA Mans Home Is His Castle
Aunt RitaA Room In My Heart
Aunt RitaAny Man Of Mine
Aunt RitaBed Of Roses
Aunt RitaBetter Days
Aunt RitaBlack Eyes, Blue Tears
Aunt RitaBlood Simple
Aunt RitaBossa My Heart
Aunt RitaBreathe
Aunt RitaBring Out The Elvis
Aunt RitaBut I Will
Aunt RitaCloser To Heaven
Aunt RitaCome On Over
Aunt RitaCrime Of The Century
Aunt RitaCrying Game
Aunt RitaCupid
Aunt RitaDance With The One That Brought You
Aunt RitaDont Be Stupid
Aunt RitaDont Maybe Me
Aunt RitaEven Now
Aunt RitaFool Im A Woman
Aunt RitaForget Me
Aunt RitaFrom This Moment On
Aunt RitaGo The Distance
Aunt RitaGod Aint Gonna Getcha For That
Aunt RitaGod Bless The Child
Aunt RitaGot A Hold On Me
Aunt RitaHome Aint Where His Heart Is
Aunt RitaHoney, Im Home
Aunt RitaI Cant Do That Anymore
Aunt RitaI Dont Wanna See The Light
Aunt RitaI Got My Baby
Aunt RitaI Love You
Aunt RitaI Thought Id See Your Face Again
Aunt RitaI Wont Leave You Lonely
Aunt RitaI would be stronger than that
Aunt RitaIf I Dont Take Two
Aunt RitaIf Im Not In Love
Aunt RitaIf My Heart Had Wings
Aunt RitaIf You Ever Wont My Lovin
Aunt RitaIf You Should Fall Behind
Aunt RitaIf You Wanna Touch Her, Ask
Aunt RitaIm Holdin On To Love
Aunt RitaIm Outta Here!
Aunt RitaImagine That
Aunt RitaIt Matters To Me
Aunt RitaIt Will Be Me
Aunt RitaJust About Now
Aunt RitaJust Around The Eyes
Aunt RitaLeaving Is The Only Way Out
Aunt RitaLet Me Cry
Aunt RitaLet Me Let Go
Aunt RitaLets Go To Vegas
Aunt RitaLifes Too Short To Love Like That
Aunt RitaLove Aint Like That
Aunt RitaLove Gets Me Every Time
Aunt RitaLove Is A Sweet Thing
Aunt RitaLove, Dont Be A Stranger
Aunt RitaMan! I Feel Like A Woman!
Aunt RitaMe
Aunt RitaMy Wild Frontier
Aunt RitaNo One Needs To Know
Aunt RitaNo Place That Far
Aunt RitaOne Thing Led To Another
Aunt RitaPiece Of My Heart
Aunt RitaRaining In Our Love
Aunt RitaRock This Country
Aunt RitaShame About That
Aunt RitaSomebody Stand By Me
Aunt RitaSomeone Elses Dream
Aunt RitaStill Under The Weather
Aunt RitaTake Me As I Am
Aunt RitaThat Dont Impress
Aunt RitaThats How Love Moves
Aunt RitaThe Great Unknown
Aunt RitaThe Hard Way
Aunt RitaThe Knot Comes Untied
Aunt RitaThe Secret Of Life
Aunt RitaThe Strong One
Aunt RitaThe Way You Love Me
Aunt RitaThe Week The River Raged
Aunt RitaThe Woman In Me
Aunt RitaThere Goes The Neighborhood
Aunt RitaThere Will Come A Day
Aunt RitaTheres Only One
Aunt RitaThese Days
Aunt RitaThis Heart
Aunt RitaThis Kiss
Aunt RitaThree Chords And The Truth
Aunt RitaTiger By The Tail
Aunt RitaTime Wont Tell
Aunt RitaTrue Lies
Aunt RitaUnopened
Aunt RitaWalk Out Backwards
Aunt RitaWhat Made You Say That
Aunt RitaWhatever You Do ! Dont !
Aunt RitaWhats In It For Me
Aunt RitaWhen
Aunt RitaWhen He Leaves You
Aunt RitaWild One
Aunt RitaYou And Only You
Aunt RitaYou Cant Lose Me
Aunt RitaYou Give Me Love
Aunt RitaYou Lay A Whole Lot Of Love On Me
Aunt RitaYou Will Be Mine
Aunt RitaYou Win My Love
Aunt RitaYouve Got A Way