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AtomizerAnd The Hunt Starts Again
AtomizerBlack Heart Epiphany
AtomizerFor Blackness Absolute
AtomizerFor Blood!! For Blood!!
AtomizerHe Couldn't Save Himself (How Do You Expect Him To Save You?)
AtomizerHesitation Wounds
AtomizerIn The Mortal Realm You Roam No More
AtomizerJoin The Blackheart Reich
AtomizerOne Man's Failure
AtomizerPower, Not Participation
AtomizerSo Terrified, Yet So In Control
AtomizerSometimes They Hear The Bullet
AtomizerThe Campaign
AtomizerThe End!! The End!!
AtomizerThe Fog Of War
AtomizerThe Only Weapon Of Choice
AtomizerThe War That Never Ended
AtomizerUnit 731
AtomizerWhen I Die, I Wanna Die Violently
AtomizerDeath - Mutation - Disease - Annihilation
AtomizerHe Couldnt Save Himself (How Do You Expect Him To Save You)
AtomizerOne Mans Failure