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Atomic RoosterDevil's Answer
Atomic RoosterTomorrow Night
Atomic RoosterAll Across The Country
Atomic RoosterAll In Satan's Name
Atomic RoosterAnd So To Bed
Atomic RoosterBanstead
Atomic RoosterBlack Snake
Atomic RoosterBreak The Ice
Atomic RoosterBreakthrough
Atomic RoosterBroken Wings
Atomic RoosterCan't Find A Reason
Atomic RoosterCan't Take No More
Atomic RoosterClose Your Eyes
Atomic RoosterDeath Walks Behind You
Atomic RoosterDecision / Indecision
Atomic RoosterDecline And Fall
Atomic RoosterDevil's Answer
Atomic RoosterDo You Know Who's Looking For You?
Atomic RoosterDon't Know What Went Wrong
Atomic RoosterDon't Lose Your Mind
Atomic RoosterFriday 13th
Atomic RoosterGoodbye Planet Earth
Atomic RoosterHe Did It Again
Atomic RoosterHead In The Sky
Atomic RoosterIntroduction
Atomic RoosterLittle Bit Of Inner Air
Atomic RoosterLiving Underground
Atomic RoosterLost In Space
Atomic RoosterNever To Lose
Atomic RoosterNobody Else
Atomic RoosterPeople You Can't Trust
Atomic RoosterPlay It Again
Atomic RoosterS. L. Y.
Atomic RoosterSatans Wheel
Atomic RoosterSave Me
Atomic RoosterShe's My Woman
Atomic RoosterSleeping For Years
Atomic RoosterSpace Cowboy
Atomic RoosterStart To Live
Atomic RoosterTake One Take
Atomic RoosterThe End Of The Day
Atomic RoosterThe Price
Atomic RoosterThrow Your Life Away
Atomic RoosterTime Take My Life
Atomic RoosterVoodoo In You
Atomic RoosterWinter
Atomic RoosterAll In Satans Name
Atomic RoosterCant Find A Reason
Atomic RoosterDecision/Indecision
Atomic RoosterDevils Answer
Atomic RoosterDo You Know Whos Looking For You
Atomic RoosterDont Know What Went Wrong
Atomic RoosterDont Lose Your Mind
Atomic RoosterEnd Of The Day
Atomic RoosterFriday the 13th
Atomic RoosterI Cant Stand It
Atomic RoosterI Cant Take No More
Atomic RoosterIn The Shadows
Atomic RoosterPeople You Cant Trust
Atomic RoosterS.L.Y.
Atomic RoosterSeven Streets
Atomic RoosterShes My Woman
Atomic RoosterStand By Me
Atomic RoosterTake Control Of You
Atomic RoosterTake One Toke
Atomic RoosterWheres The Show